Article 1 – Constitution

It has been constitued the EUROPEAN MUSLIMS LEAGUE (EML).
The headquarter of this international organization is in Berna in Switzerland and the Presidency is in Genova, Italy.

The organization may establish or close branches or sections in Italy or abroud ( Europe or Middle East) with the resolution of the Board of Directors.

The duration of the EML is unlimited.

Article 2 – Aim and objectives

The EML is apolitical and not profit. It pursues the following purposes:

a) promotion and encouragment of cultural , social and economic exchanges;

b) support and development of cultural, economical, political, and social interchange between different people and nations and in particular between Europe and the Countries of Muslims religion, in order to deepen the understanding of Islam in Europe;

c) promoting social integration of foreigners in Europe, and the europeans abroad;

d) promoting educational and cultural activities for the mutual understanding and the develpoment of relations between people and nations;

e) organizing and creating, events for third parties, shows, festivals, competitions, both national and international;

f) to encourage cultural exchanges,twinning with italian and foreign institutions and associations;

g) carrying out journalistic initiatives in the field of culture, education, publishing and distribution of magazines, newsletters, using appropriate technical means and procedures;

h) collaborating with public and private institutions (governmental and not governmental), cultural association,sport associations, cooperatives which persue similar aims and purposes; adhere to national and international organizations with similar aims;

i) verify, working with public and private entities the existence of requirements for considering a product: “halal”, in order to provide consumers with a conscious purchase;

l) promoting and/or managing any other initiative,deemed approriate to achieve the objectives of the organization;

m) to attain the objectives of the organization will largely operate in the field of private of public law by using its autonomy and negotiating its assets in compliance with the statutory and constitutional precepts.

n) the EML will take actions necessary to support cultural dissemination and exchange of experiences through any means of communication.

Article 3 to 30


“Among the many shining stars, of the European flag, we would like to radiate our light,contributing to the development, prosperity and general peace, of our beloved european land”.
Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese