Peace Ambassadors Eml

 In order of appointment

1. H.E. Ambassador  Prof. Dr. Imran Hanif :  State of  Brazil

2. H.E. Ambassador Prof. Dr. Abulnasser M. Abul Basal: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

3. H.E. Ambassador Prof. Dr. Mudjia Rahardjo: State of Indonesia

4. H.E. Ambassador Mufti Prof. Dr. Juanda Bin Jaya: State of Malaysia

5. H.E. Ambassador Prof. Dr. Eisa Alanzi: State of Kuwait

6. H.E. Ambassador Prof. Dr. Juan Francisco Suquillo Carrera: Republic of Ecuador

7. H.E. Ambassador Prof. Dr. Muhammad Isa Juan Simon Garcia: Republic of Colombia

8. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Essa Jamal Al Kebasi Al Rebeah: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

9. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Itimad Elmrani: Kingdom of Marocco

10. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Nourdine Mohamed Bacha: Federal Islamic Republic of the Comores

11. H.E. Ambassador Prof. Ndiaye Mamadou Bamba: Republic of Senegal






“Among the many shining stars, of the European flag, we would like to radiate our light,contributing to the development, prosperity and general peace, of our beloved european land”.

Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese