Alfredo Maiolese EMLAlfredo Maiolese has been engaged for many years at the forefront for the defense of Human Rights and the protection of minorities.

Degree in Economics and Phd in International Relations, married, he has three sons, and since 2010, is also the President of EUROPEAN MUSLIMS LEAGUE, whose, the principal Office in located in Berna Switzerland.

In 1993, he embraced Islam and afterwards he becomes the speakear of Islamic Community of Genova, and member of the “Consulta” of the Religion of the City of Genova, Italy.

In 2005, he was appointed member of Academic Council of the University of Peace of the Italian Switzerland. Since 2005 member of the International Jury Award ” Woman of the Year” promoted by Universum-Switzerland.

In 2006, has received the nomination of Ambassador AT LARGE by the International Parliament of States for Safety and Peace – intergovermental organization.

In 2007, he is the only diplomatic italian muslim, to be received  in the Palace of H.M. King Abdallah in Mecca – Saudi Arabia.

In 2008, he was able to release with an international diplomatic action, 37 Christians, unjustly imprisoned for political reasons in an african prison.

In 2009, he managed to regain a large sum, cheated to a foreign Consulate located on the Italian territory. Also in 2009, he went to a more successful interventation in Madagascar. An Italian imprisoned unjustly, was without the assistance of a lawyer or a consular help and with pressure towards ministries of foreign affairs and the Madagascar’s Court, the prisoner, was able to receive legal assistance and a fair and
impartial trial. Thanks to the efforts of Ambassador Maiolese, the Italian received the right judgment and was released.
In 2010, he received by the President of United States of America H.E. Barack Obama, letter of recognition for the activities and good lifestyle.

In 2011, he partecipated to many arab televisions for the presentation of Islam in Europe such as: Iqra, Al Jazeera Mubashara , Good Morning Kuwait, Life in Libano.
He was also invited to some TV programmes in Albania and Turkey.

He has successfully passed the course on: ” Conflict Analysis for prevention and peacebuilding”organized by United Nations System Staff College.

“Among the many shining stars, of the European flag, we would like to radiate our light,contributing to the development, prosperity and general peace, of our beloved european land”.

Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese